Glacier National Park Family


Glacier National Park Family Photographer:

I absolutely love photographing families. And I have the luxury of being a family photographer in Glacier National Park. My clients are from all over the world, and I have the privilege of taking their pictures against some of the most breathtaking mountain backdrops, while they are vacationing in Montana.

As a mother of four myself, I have so much fun working with families with children of all ages. One of my favorite aspects of being a Glacier National Park Family Photographer is that often my family session clients are visiting Glacier with extended family. And I am invited to capture 3 and sometimes 4 generations who all chose Montana for their family adventure. Learn more about family photography packages. 

It is my goal to create a light-hearted and comfortable environment where you family is able to relax and be themselves. You are on vacation and taking family photos should be just as laid back and part of the overall experience that makes your Glacier National Park visit memorable. 

When it comes to my clients, I love sharing my favorite hikes, eateries, and activities that make visiting Montana so unique. Often at the end of a session i am helping out itineraries and raving about my huckleberry favorites.

I love when people love Montana for the treasure state it is, and when it’s clear they respect our beautiful Glacier National Park. And my family sessions have placed so many people in my path who are passionate about our public lands and are eager to share with the next generation. 

Traveling with children definitely has its challenges, but I guarantee you will never regret the memories you make. And making the time to schedule a family session to document your adventures and freeze these moments in time is definitely a worthwhile endeavor. 

I would love with photograph your family in our beautiful Glacier National Park. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions and let’s schedule your Glacier National Park Family Session!